welcome to yystudio's original design clothes

Welcome to yystudio!

No matter which language you spoke, there is always one on this planet that will touch you: the language of love and beauty. Can you feel our passion for beauty? I know you can, because I can feel yours.

We are a small family group, but our quality is definitely premium. We are all perfectionist, that means we are very critical about fabric texture, colour, tailoring skill. We are proud of our original design, strict tailoring, figure flattering cut, and premium quality fabric.

Also we only stock a very limited amount of different printed fabric, so once we run out of a specific kind of fabric, the style you love might not be available again beacuse we can hardly find exactly the same printed fabric in market.

All of our designs are modeled by my cousin Yvone. Our background is normally a white wall at home, and we have white photography light on when taking pictures, so the item colour normally should be a little darker than you saw on the picture.

What you see is what you will get. We don't use photoshop to process our pictures.

All of our items are custom make to fit measurements.

Indulge yourself in our design:)

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